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The Chrome Web Store Trickle, a Month Later…

This is a follow up article to our 1/12 Chrome Web Stores Slow to a Trickle, App Store Model is Dead?.

January 4th TechCrunch report’s Sales Are At A Trickle On Google’s Chrome Web Store.

The article immediately spawned many subsequent articles forecasting not only gloom and doom for the Chrome Web Store, but also gloom and doom for the App Store Model.

Sadly – even today – the first listing (non-Google) of a Google search on ‘Chrome Web Store’ links to this article.

About a month as gone by and we’ve decided to see how the Chrome Web Store Trickle is ‘trickling’.

Our source for the following chart is actual data collected from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Web Store Data

Chrome Web Store

Since 12/22, the amount of Users of Paid Apps at the Chrome Web Store has almost doubled – 94.8% growth. On 12/22 there where about 79k paid users, on 2/7 there were 154,014.

Since the article – 1/4, the growth rate has been 74%.

This sort of trickle rate would be welcome at a lot of stores.

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The Chrome Web Store Trickle, a Month Later…
Posted Monday, February 7th, 2011

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