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ANSWERED – Angry Birds says 6mm, Web Store says 1+mm?


Peter of Rovio has contacted ChromeOSApps and responded – “The 6 million is the number of unique users, you don’t need to install to play, you can just go to http://chrome.angrybirds.com and play immediately. The number of installs thru Chrome Webstore is about 1 million.”

Chrome Web Store numbers ARE around 1 million which was what was reported here.

One wonders why the original quote reads “notched up 6 million downloads”?

Also, we just tested http://chrome.angrybirds.com using a non-Chrome browser. It appears, the link is for tracking those who come through the CWS. However, that link is not Chrome exclusive.

We will consider this one solved and get back to playing Angry Birds.


Our original article appeared on ChromeOSApps.org on 5/20. It also appears below this one.

On 5/23 CNet quotes Rovio (Angry Bird author) – “the company also revealed that the free browser-based Angry Birds for Google Chrome Web Store has notched up 6 million downloads in less than a week.”

HOW can Angry Bird downloads be 6 million when on Friday a Chrome Web Store user count only shows 1 million users?

We have condensed screen shots of all Angry Bird activity since the introduction to the Chrome Web Store (CWS) on 5/9. Picking up the chase on 5/10 we see the following –


Angry Birds Performance Table

We have contacted both CNet and Rovio for explanations.

Lacking word back from either we are offering the following explanations on how Rovio numbers don’t jibe with Chrome Web Store reported numbers.

1) Is it possible each Angry Bird game session with Rovio is counted as a download?

2) Angry Birds had one heckuva Saturday and Sunday. Downloads near 2 million for both days. This is highly unlikely since it took Poppit and Entanglement about 40 days to reach 1 million users. As we know, Poppit and Entanglement benefit from being included in Chrome Browser installations.

3) Millions of Angry Bird copies are download daily and removed daily. Thus downloads are not shown as users when users are tallied by CWS.

4) Rovio or CWS has errant information.

5) Other – What’s a couple million among Angry Bird Friends?

The Chrome Web Store does not count users over 1 million. Here to fore this has not been an issue. Of 4,400+ apps only the three apps mentioned here have reached over 1/2 million!

Stay tuned to see how we progress in getting to the bottom of this ‘million’ discussion.



This week Angry Birds entered an elite club.

The club – Chrome Web Store Apps with 1,000,000+ users.

Number of members – 3.

Over 4,000 other Chrome Web Store Apps and only three have crested 1,000,000 users.

Okay the other two members cheated. Entanglement and Poppit are default games with the Chrome Browser. As Solitaire is to Windows, Entanglement and Poppit are to Chrome. And by the way, it took one month for Entanglement and Poppit to make it to millionaire status. With Angry Birds it took two weeks.

What do we owe this success to?

Top 5 reasons for Angry Birds success –

1) Its a great game
2) We finally get a full sized keyboard and a decent screen to save some birds.
3) The delay of a Chrome device has a bunch of services craving news. Word of Angry Birds coming created some Buzz.
4) It makes me think.
5) I don’t believe any of it. There is a conspiracy going on here.

Congrats to the Angry Bird team for setting a new bench mark.

After all, does anybody really enjoy Birds that are Angry?

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