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Best Chrome Apps List Award

Congratulations, your app has excelled exceptionally compared to the 30,000+ other apps at the Chrome Web Store.

Specifically, your app experienced the highest amount of user growth over the time period reported. For category lists, your app excelled compared to other category members.

What does this currently mean?

1)  Your app should see increase download volume.  Over 1000 list views are recorded daily.  The increased attention has historically grown app downloads anywhere from 25%  to 200%+.

2)  You should have received an email from our staff.  The email details how you may use the award on your site, or anywhere, with our written consent.  If you have not received an email, but know your app has been on one of our lists, please contact us.

In the Future

1)  We are currently reviewing many benefits we have to offer to the app developer community.  An example is listed below –

  • Conduct and share unique reports with the developer community.  For example – we are currently under going a study that is uncovering the details of Google Trend classification.  What does it take to get a trend rating of Warm, Hot and On Fire?  Further, once a rating is achieved, what download impact is experienced.

2)  We are contemplating opening a forum community.  Currently the only active Google App Developer community we are aware of is the forum hosted by Google.  A non-bias forum community may have benefits.

3)  Advertising – currently we advertise through Google AdSense.  In the future there may be mutually beneficial economic reward to offering ad space to you for your app.

Help Us Help You

While we experience traffic of over 1000 page views a day, and nearly a quarter a million unique visitors a year, we have only received a handful of suggestions for improvement.

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