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Chrome Web Store Growth Settles

It’s safe to say the Chrome Web Store is ready for the deployment of the Chrome Operating System – whether it be via netbook purchase or netbook lease.

The Chrome Web Store saw torrid 85% user growth from Jan-11 to end of Feb-11. As April-11 winds to a close, user growth has slowed to about 4% from Mar-11.

For the same periods – total apps available grew 25% from Jan-11 to end of Feb-11. From end of Mar-11 to end of Apr-11, total apps available growth slowed to 4%.

When Chrome OS devices finally scheduled to hit the marketplace, these metrics should see significant changes. Stop by ChromeOSApps.org to see this happen.

NOTE – Entanglement and Poppit come pre-installed with the developer version of Chrome Web Browser. For this reason they have not been included in this study.

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