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Angry Birds earns a Million

Original article appeared on ChromeOSApps.org


This week Angry Birds entered an elite club.

The club – Chrome Web Store Apps with 1,000,000+ users.

Number of members – 3.

Over 4,000 other Chrome Web Store Apps and only three have crested 1,000,000 users.

Okay the other two members cheated. Entanglement and Poppit are default games with the Chrome Browser. As Solitaire is to Windows, Entanglement and Poppit are to Chrome. And by the way, it took one month for Entanglement and Poppit to make it to millionaire status. With Angry Birds it took two weeks.

What do we owe this success to?

Top 5 reasons for Angry Birds success –

1) Its a great game
2) We finally get a full sized keyboard and a decent screen to save some birds.
3) The delay of a Chrome device has a bunch of services craving news. Word of Angry Birds coming created some Buzz.
4) It makes me think.
5) I don’t believe any of it. There is a conspiracy going on here.

Congrats to the Angry Bird team for setting a new bench mark.

After all, does anybody really enjoy Birds that are Angry?

UPDATE – On 5/23 an article appeared in on CNetUK entitled “Angry Birds wrecks 200 million download milestone”. The article states – “the company also revealed that the free browser-based Angry Birds for Google Chrome Web Store has notched up 6 million downloads in less than a week.”

In order for 6 million downloads to be accurate a lot of downloading took place over the weekend. This would be highly unlikely since it took Entanglement and Poppit over a month to breach one million users. Recall – Entanglement and Poppit had the advantage of being included in any Developer Chrome Browser!

The most likely scenario is that Rovio views each play as a download. This download is not the same as a Chrome Web Store download. Which, of course, is not the same as a User.

We are contacting Rovio and CNet for clarification.

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  • AmuseMe

    I agree, 6mm downloads sure looks suspicious.  That is if you use the Chrome Web Store definition of suspicious.

  • LoveWin8

    Angry Birds is great and Google Chrome is not a frauda mode. See here why: http://schoolandit.blogspot.com/2012/01/angry-birds-pentru-orice-sistem-de.html

  • Daniela Loringan

    There are lot of websites where you can embed their games to your website, for example http://www.freegamesonline.eu.com This way you can safe your bandwidth.

  • http://www.hopy.org.in/ hopy

    good game. i like play angry birds game. i downloaded it. thanks




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