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Mission and Who We Are

Our Mission

Add value to the internet. Original content adds value to the internet.

Our original content is Chrome Web Store App Performance Data.  We are
the only providers of this information on the internet.

Support the desktop migration to the cloud. The current desktop environment has turned into a unwieldy beast. Cloud computing should make it simpler for people to actualize the computer.

We hope to support the site through your advertisement patronage.

Who We Are

Director and Chief Editor – Chris Sorensen

Asst Editor – Andy Whelan

Asst Editor – Bob Fraley

Senior Programmer –  H.E. Sorensen

Assoc. Programmer – A.J. Sommers

Assoc. Programmer – U. DeFlavis

Contributing Writers – Across the Chrome OS Community


We are located on the beautiful shores of New Jersey,
USA in the Eastern Time Zone (utc-5).

To reach us by phone – Seven Three Two area code, 722-8198.

To reach us by email – director at chromeosapps.org.

To reach us by snail mail, email us, and we will provide the complete address.


Useful Information

Mission and Who We Are
Posted Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

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