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UPDATE – Chrome Web Store Flatlined?


UPDATE as of 2PM EST (19:00 GMT)

No word back from Google.

However, it appears updates are slowly occurring across the Chrome Web Store.

Our most recent data (captured within the last 2 hours) indicates 59% of the 4,887 apps listed have shown user data changes.

This represents the first user data change in seven days. To reiterate – the Chrome Web Store had a perfect record of user data updates since the Dec ’10 launch prior to this ‘glitch’


Angry Birds achieves 1,000,000 users at the Chrome Web Store in 10 days.

Chrome Devices make their market debut.

Chrome Web Store App Users reach 20,000,000 in six months. Wait a minute – Has the Chrome Web Store got stuck? Has the Chrome Web Store flatlined? The total user base since 6/14 has been 19.7 million users. Today – 6/20, if you add up all the users across all the apps, the total is 19.7 million.

TweetDeck Stuck

Since 6/14 User counts across all the Chrome Web Store Apps, have not changed. For example, on 6/14 there were 565,700 TweetDeck Users. Today, on 6/20, there are 565,700 TweetDeck Users. Across the entire web store, not one app has shown a change in user counts.

Has this occurred before? Our data shows that since the start of the web store there has not been a similar stuttering of user data.

Here at ChromeOSApps we have a dozen or so apps at the web store. For example, Best Apps, is an app we developed. Since 6/14 we have not seen any download or user count change on any of our apps.

At the app developer forums a trickle of developers have contacted Google about this situation. A Developer advocate has responded – “There seems to be an issue with the user counts right now, and we’ve raised it with the engineering team.”

We have contacted the Chrome Web Store and also await a response.

At this point in time it seems that there is an engineering glitch that has prevented user counts to update at the Web Store.

One could conjecture about the cause and effects of this glitch. What’s happening to Paid App owners and their payments?

Rather than go down the gossip trail, we’re interested in getting facts before drawing conclusions. Stay tuned for any breaking news around the Chrome Web Store Flatline.

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