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Best Top Good Apps Viral Awards


The Best Top Good Apps Viral Award Winners

Those familiar with ChromeOSApps.org understand – we collect  a serious amount of data directly from the Google Chrome Web Store.   As of press time, this translates to tracking daily – 2,501 Apps which have 6,757,671 users.

Every now and again we’re going to elucidate in the form of a semi-serious award – The Best Top Good Apps Viral Award.

The award name can be explained simply and is the ‘semi’ part of semi-serious  –

Best, Top and Good are high ranking keywords.
Apps – is an explanation necessary?
Viral is a neat word that may or may not be appropriate.

The serious part is how the award is earned.  The Best Top Good Apps Viral Award is only earned through merit. Essentially we whittle down 2,501 Apps based on their user popularity performance.  Specifically this is done through filtering the data.  Each filter represents a hurdle designed to leave only the stout of the stout.

Hurdle One – Consecutive User Growth

Any App that doesn’t show day over day growth for the 14 days examined are immediately eliminated.  In other words, the App user base did not decline. Decline occurs when users remove the App at a greater rate then users add the App.

In this case only 79 of 2,501 successfully negotiated Hurdle One.

Hurdle Two – Size Matters

The 79 survivors average 11,352 users.  Size does matter.  Hurdle Two is specifically designed to get to the top 25 Apps based on user size.  This makes the minimum user base 6,500.

25 of 79 Apps have successfully complied with Hurdle Two.

The Final Hurdle – Spectacular User Growth

The remaining 25 Apps as a group grew their user base from 656,105 users to 809,208 users.  This represent a growth of 123%. However this growth rate was not equal across Apps.

The table above displays the individual growth rates of the remaining 25 Apps.  As you can see, four Apps clearly demonstrate Spectacular User Growth.

The Winners Are… Announcing The Four The Best Top Good Apps Viral Award Winners!

App Days of Consecutive Growth Users Users Base Growth %
Isle of Tune 14  7,108 35540%
mflow 14 13,498 1163%
Atari \x2D Missile Command 14 6,579 1006%
Full Screen Weather 14 13,148 469%

Congratulations to our winners. Note – the study period was 1/13/10 to 1/26/10. Your comments are welcome and will be accomodated in our next award article.

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Best Top Good Apps Viral Awards
Posted Thursday, January 27th, 2011

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  • Ace

    “Interesting. Of all the Apps I’ve tried – these are the Apps I’ve found useful. I guess I am too old for Missile command. I look forward to this list in a couple more weeks. Did anyone notice if these Apps were featured on the home page of the store?”

  • Fionataylor7

    I’ve seen mFlow on display. It will be interesting to see this done again in a few weeks




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