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A New Top 20 Chrome Web Store App – Guess What – It’s Jolicloud!

Since the opening of the Chrome Web Store, there have been very few changes with the Top 20 Apps as measured by user popularity.  In fact, for the three months since the store opened the Top 20 has seen only 6 new apps have entered the ranks.  The latest entrant is sure to shake some heads – Jolicloud.

App Current Rank End of Jan 3/17 User Count Growth Since End of Jan
 TweetDeck                                   1        236,464        370,190 157%
 Gmail                                   2        166,525        252,703 152%
 GoogleBooks                                   3        146,220        240,086 164%
 PicnikPhotoEditor                                   4        156,110        239,683 154%
 NYTimes                                   5        140,639        195,672 139%
 GoogleDocs                                   6        135,487        192,650 142%
 GoogleMaps                                   7        116,679        186,477 160%
 youtube                                   8          85,960        150,414 175%
 grooveshark                                   9          83,070        148,792 179%
 GoogleCalendar                                10          96,018        142,203 148%
 quicknote                                11          65,367        132,475 203%
 Plantsvs.Zombies                                12          43,976        119,198 271%
 TheFancyPantsAdventureWorld2                                13          47,491        117,052 246%
 weatherwindowbeta                                14          53,554        115,729 216%
 GoogleReader                                15          82,657        111,635 135%
 picasa                                16          73,145        107,935 148%
 flixster                                17          57,109        107,419 188%
 Springpad                                18          71,377        100,590 141%
 sinuous                                19          55,729          85,357 153%
 Jolicloud                                20          38,249          83,822 219%


*Chrome Browser includes Entanglement and Poppit,they are excluded from this list

"Jolicloud is the portable HTML5 desktop that you can take with you on all your devices.  It’s the easiest way to connect to your favorite Web services, Dropbox files and friends wherever you go.   With our Chrome Webapp, you can finally experience the beauty of Jolicloud on all your devices – with or without Jolicloud OS."  This is Jolicloud’s description of their web app.

"The ‘Joli OS’ operating system is an Ubuntu-based Linux operating system … tweaked for netbooks and other computers with limited disk storage, memory and screen size…" – says Wikipedia.

If you are a Chrome fan these descriptions sound quite familiar.  A diplomat would say that the Joli people and the Chrome folks share a similar vision.  After all, Wikipedia describes the Google Chrome OS as a "a Linux operating system to work with web applications… on specific hardware…".  A St. Patrick day partier may ask "What’s the bloody difference between the two?".

At this point in time, it is difficult to distinguish where the Joli OS will differ from the Chrome OS.  Both will rely on the cloud, feature speed and simplicity, and are starting out in the netbook/notebook space.  Joli publicly has revealed $4.2 million in capital funding which is lost in rounding on Google balance sheets.  So what’s Joli to do?

What Joli has done is release an app on the Chrome Web Store.  As you can see, it’s doing quite well.

What does it mean you ask?  Recently I was troubleshooting a friends Windows computer via LogMeIn’s wonderful tunneling program.  For those not familiar with LogMeIn, it’s software that allows remote operation of a computer over the internet.  My friend’s computer is about a thousand miles away.  Along the way, a password was needed from a third machine.  Thus a situation arose where the remote computer was used to tunnel to yet a third machine.  Needless to say, things got a little hairy when a window was maximized.  Was it maximized on the home machine, the middle machine, or the third machine?

That’s what the Jolicloud  apps popularity on the Chrome Web Store feels like.  Will Chrome respond by creating an app that thrives in the Joli OS space?

For certain, Joli and Google Chrome do share a vision with cloud based computing. Check back here at ChromeOSApps.org to see if Jolicloud continues to thrive as a web app.

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A New Top 20 Chrome Web Store App – Guess What – It’s Jolicloud!
Posted Friday, March 18th, 2011

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    Almost 40,000 users – and no real clear reason why.

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