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Chrome Web Store Sales Slow To A Trickle…. Really?

Recently our friends at TechCrunch published Sales Are At A Trickle On Google’s Chrome Web Store . In a day the story morphed to Google’s Chrome Web Store flopping.

After watching the article cascade over to yet another blog – with yet more foreboding forecasts – we decided to act.

The last catchy byline we bantered about using was something like this – “Be careful about drawing too many conclusions during the holiday season – it may be the Champagne!”.

Rather then even trying to entertain you with a drum roll, will just present you with REAL data collected from The Google Chrome Web Store.


For those that prefer numbers to pictures:

Grand Total Paid Apps


At ChromeOSApps.org, data is collected directly from the Chrome Web Store.

A query of All Apps – Except “Free”, Users was used to produce this information.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide if sales at the Chrome Web Store are at a trickle. Are they?

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Chrome Web Store Sales Slow To A Trickle…. Really?
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Posted Thursday, January 6th, 2011

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  • http://jeffkart.com Jeff Kart

    Good. This type of store is needed. And thanks for clearing up the misinformation.

  • http://techcrunch.com Jason Kincaid

    I’m adding this comment because this article just hit Techmeme. I wrote the original TechCrunch article.

    This site lists LucidChart as the top Paid application, but that application uses in-app purchases — users don’t have to pay upfront. This site has no way to know whether those users have spent any money in that application, but it still counts those 18,000 users as ‘paid’. The same is true for apps that offer demo periods.

    It is not this site’s fault that it doesn’t know the actual sales for those applications, but it shouldn’t be presenting them as ‘paid’ unless it has data from the developer demonstrating how many users are actually spending money.

  • admin

    I read the article thinking that sales had trickled.

    The chart above does not show trickling.

  • http://techcrunch.com Jason Kincaid

    This discussion was about sales. People paying for things. You have no idea how many people have paid for the applications you list as ‘Top Paid’ on this website. i was basing my post on the applications in the Chrome Web Store that people pay money for up-front. I was very clear about that, too.

    I looked at every application listed by Google under the ‘Top Paid’ section and also asked Google if they were aware of any apps with significantly better sales figures (they didn’t have any). And it wasn’t on one holiday — I was basing the numbers on the week-long window used by the Chrome Web Store.

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  • admin

    This is getting silly Mr. Kinkaid.

    On one hand you state its all about sales.

    Then you post ‘You have no idea how many people have paid for the applications you list as ‘Top Paid’ on this website.’

    Again – this post is not about defining or discussing the definition Sales. The query simply eliminates those Apps that have ‘Free’ listed as price.

    I agree with your second post that true currency exchange sales would be quite difficult to track, model, etc.

    I disagree with your first post that your article was solely based focused on sales. After all, how could it be if you admit it’s not measurable. The community interpreted your article as ‘sales slow to a trickle’ (it is in the title). It spawned the next iteration – Google Chrome Web Store is Flopping.

    Looking at true data, it’s difficult to draw the same conclusion.

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