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Best Lifestyle Apps – Daily Report

Best Chrome Apps

10/26 to 10/27

Top 20 Lifestyle Apps


My Robot Nation

235% Growth

Create your awesome, totally unique robot online and we make it real with full-color 3D printing and mail it to your door!

2,769 Users


Unblock VEVO

193% Growth

Lets users watch over 25'000 music videos even if they are blocked in their country.

1,209 Users


Purple Jane

191% Growth

Purple Jane personalizes your online shopping experience and helps you find the clothes that make you look your best.

1,138 Users


PhotoFit Me

152% Growth

PhotoFit Me from The Open University shows you just how difficult it is to construct a face from memory.

1,152 Users



148% Growth

857 Users



148% Growth

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – unofficial Wikipedia app for Google Chrome…. This extension only uses free codecs.

1,077 Users


Masterpiece Me

131% Growth

Masterpiece Me is an app from The Open University that allows you to transform yourself into a work of art!

502 Users


My Days – Period & Ovulation Tracker

126% Growth

Simple Calendar to track your special days

1,898 Users


Speak German

120% Growth

ESSENTIAL phrases for your trips to Germany. HEAR & LEARN how to speak perfectly pronounced German. QUICK & EASY TO USE!

1,033 Users


Gazette Drouot International

119% Growth

Gazette Drouot International

1,229 Users


Makeup Cosmetics

114% Growth

Beauty Tools and Cosmetics, Ever wonder how you can SAVE on MakeUp poducts. YECEL Store has everything you need at one place

595 Users


BMI Calculator

111% Growth

Instantly Find Out Your Body Mass Index!

7,286 Users



111% Growth

Instantly record notes, to-do lists, and more!

15,143 Users



109% Growth

This is the Orbitz.com web app

543 Users


Learn Japanese

109% Growth

HEAR & LEARN the basics of speaking Japanese. QUICK & EASY TO USE!

1,951 Users


Diet Diary

108% Growth

Your personal diet diary to help you track your exercise, calories and water intake.

11,582 Users


Recipes Madness

107% Growth

Search hundreds of recipes !

947 Users



107% Growth

ovojo helps you find shops that sell your favorite brands of clothing.

1,159 Users


Learn Hebrew – Ma Kore

106% Growth

Interactive audio lessons and games for studying Hebrew

1,347 Users

Useful Information



105% Growth

The BioDigital Human is a 3D platform that simplifies the understanding of anatomy, disease and treatments. Explore the body in

104,053 Users

Best Lifestyle Apps – Daily Report
Posted Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

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