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The Chrome Web Store Slows to a Trickle, App Store Model is Dead Now Too?

This is a follow up article to our 1/6 Chrome Web Stores Slow to a Trickle, Really?.

January 4th TechCrunch report’s Sales Are At A Trickle On Google’s Chrome Web Store.

The article immediately spawned a Macgasm article – Google’s Chrome Web Store flopping.

Most recently The Register chimed in with “Take Google, for example. Google took a beating last week for apparently failing to set the world on fire with Chrome Web Store app sales. But perhaps it’s not so much a failure on Google’s part to sell web apps as it is a failure of the app metaphor altogether, at least for Google and other web-inclined companies.“. Wow! The whole App Model is under attack!

Our source for the following chart is actual data collected from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Grand Total Paid App Users

In less about 2/3’s of a month, the Paid Apps Category has grown at a rate of over 29% – through the holiday season.

It’s hard to interpret 29% growth as a precursor to the failure of the Google Chrome Web Store.

The App Store model is in jeopardy… really? Place this growth figure within the context of The Web Store’s zero start to over 4 million users in less then a month!

As the App Store model grabs hold – the pricing schemes used by Apps will be a fascinating watch. After all there are 2,200+ Apps of which only about 80 have chosen to list a price other then ‘Free’. So either 2,100 Apps are gifts or something is going to change.

An older chap here reminded us of the roll out of the Automated Teller Machine in the United States. In the beginning there was ‘no charge’ for withdrawing cash through an ATM. Today, we’re hard pressed to find a Free ATM machine.

Writing death certificates for the Chrome Web Store, the Apps Store Model and the monetization of Apps in less then a month seems a bit premature. Do you agree?

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The Chrome Web Store Slows to a Trickle, App Store Model is Dead Now Too?
Posted Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

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