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Fastest Growth since Store Opening…

Springpad is a cross platform utility application that organizes and enhances what you save.

Productivity, Free
Todo.ly creates todo lists that can be accessed from anywhere.


Utilities, Free
Box.net offers onine storage.


Productivity, Free
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What do these Apps have in common? They’re the top three Chrome apps showing user base growth since the opening of the Chrome Web Store.
Don’t be confused though. These are not the most prolific apps – big guys like GMail or Titterbox claim that territory.
However – Springpad for example has increased it’s user base from 10,600 thousand to 32,200 thousand users!
Here’s the top 10 –
Top 10 User Growth
Springpad 305%
Todo.ly 297%
Box.net 277%
Evernote 271%
SlideRocket 266%
HootSuite 219%
AIEbyAviary 202%
Gmail 201%
GoogleDocs 200%
grooveshark 149%

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