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Top Ten Apps – Fastest Growing – Hottest

The internet craves Top Ten lists. The online attention span appears to be 10 choices.

With the volumes of data available here at at ChromeOSApps.org – Top Ten
Lists can be difficult to reduce to.

Here comes our first and surely not last Top Ten List.

This list is designed to get to Apps that are Hot.

For this purpose we selected those that have seen the greatest growth rate in the past ten days. Mathematically we’ve taken the past five days of growth and divided by the prior five days growth.

Also a filter was used to whittle away smaller Apps that have seen minimal user increases, but achieved high growth rates. For example – we did not include the app Word Search . While Word Search represents a whopping 605% growth rate, the user base increased from the teens, to the 83 users it’s currently at. The filter was set at above current user’s bases of greater then 5,000 users.

Here are the results –

  App Category Growth Rate Users

Utilities 197% 6,115

Utilities 179% 5,445

Microsoft Office
Productivity 177% 6,438

Education 168% 10,320

Scribble, Steroid Stickies
Utilities 164% 5,250

Pivotal Tracker
Productivity 160% 7,260

Education 160% 9,338

Education 157% 9,271

Kid Mode for Chrome
Education 156% 5,525

Smartsheet Project Management
Productivity 155% 5,728

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Top Ten Apps – Fastest Growing – Hottest
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Posted Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

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