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Is TweetDeck Top App for Week 1?

There are plenty of eyes glued on the Chrome Web Store. After all, the store – to a certain degree – represents the success of the Chrome Browser, the Chrome Operating System, and consumer cloud computing.

Google has been particularly kind with providing information to help gauge the success of apps. Specifically, for each app, a tally of the popularity is provided by the Chrome Web Store.

Take for example the popular TweetDeck app.

Here we see “126,566 users – 53,395 weekly installs” for TweetDeck. This information by itself is informative. But of course one data point doesn’t reveal the whole picture.

Simple questions remain. Is TweetDeck the most popular app? Does app popularity fluctuate over time?

More complex questions arise. Do weekly installs, when compared to user counts, reveal app utility? What is the growth rate of apps in general?

Perhaps the biggest question of all –  Is someone writing down this changing information?

Fortunately we’ve found a site that is writing it down. ChromeOSApps.org has done some work to query the Chrome Web Store on a frequent basis, over time. Here we see results of their work.

Apps – Users 12/9/2010 12/12/2010 12/13/2010 12/14/2010 12/15/2010 12/16/2010 12/17/2010
TweetDeck 73,854 89,568 97,252 105,413 109,131 126,566
NYTimes 67,257 79,533 85,255 92,676 96,127 96,127
Gmail 37,782 63,228 73,487 79,581 87,661 91,774 89,224
GoogleBooks 50,341 65,927 72,688 79,300 82,272 82,272
GoogleDocs 30,595 50,601 59,170 64,763 71,463 74,746 72,661

Aha, it seems like TweetDeck is doing pretty well!  TweetDeck appears to be the most popular app on a user basis.  This position doesn’t seem to be fluctuating, at the moment.

ChromeOSApps.org assures us that they are working on the more interesting questions.  Big questions, like how fast is the user base growing, is pretty exciting stuff.

If you have any neat ideas to explore the data, leave a comment, and I will pass them on to the ChromeOSApps.org team.

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