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Chrome Web Store Growth

Recently Google posted 4 Million Users Have Downloaded At Least One Marketplace App.

Here at ChromeOSApps.org we’ve been recording Chrome Web Store data and thought it would be fun to compare these two Google outlets.

For starters, the Chrome Web Store hasn’t reached 4 million users yet. However, after about 11 days (12/20), the Web Store reported slightly over 3 million users. By the way, the Marketplace took six months to reach 4 million.

Chrome Web Store Growth

The Marketplace counts more than 200 installable apps. The Web store launched with nearly 600 apps. As of 12/21 – over 1,600 apps are available.

Top Chrome Web Store Categories

Google ‘says’ the Top Installed Categories on the App Marketplace include Project Management, CRM and Accounting and Finance. Data from the Web Store shows Utilities to be the leader of the category groups.

As for the apps themselves – the following table lists the top ten for both outlets.

Rank Chrome Web Store* Users Google Apps Marketplace Users
1 Entanglement 151,359 Manymoon unknown
2 Poppit 148,964 Insightly unknown
3 TweetDeck 136,552 Zoho CRM unknown
4 NYTimes 116,795 Aviary Design Suite unknown
5 Picnik Photo Editor 63,297 Mavenlink unknown
6 Grooveshark 55,555 Outright unknown
7 Springpad 48,956 MailChimp unknown
8 Picasa 47,361 RapidTask unknown
9 SlideRocket 47,231 Insync unknown
10 Amazon Windowshop 44,660 myERP.com unknown
* excluding Google Apps

Finally, many in the industry are speculating about what users to pay for their apps. The following table lists the current Chrome Web Store user base price plans.

Free               2,986,805
Uses in-app payments                    69,657
$4.99                     3,314
$2.99/year                        910
$1.99                        790
$1.99/month                        560
$2.99                        124
$5.99                          64
$3.99                           6
$3.99/month                           3
$34.99                           1
$14.99                           1


Are we comparing apples to oranges when we compare the performance of the Chrome Web Store vs. Google Apps Marketplace? The answer is probably. However perspective is always welcome and sometimes difficult to keep.

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