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Chrome Web Store – The First 10 Days

The Chrome Web Store has been around for 10 days.*  How is it doing?

Chrome OS Apps has invested in some programming to track Web Store performance.  Specifically we’ve been counting and recording all the installs and users on an app level.

After 10 days here’s how things look –


For starters, app users have grown at a fairly steady 9% per day. That’s 240% since 12/12.

As app users increase, weekly installs began descending in about two days. This is logical since weekly installs are weekly counts and not an aggregation as is the case for users. Of late – the rate of weekly installs is about -8%.

The volume of apps themselves continue to grow from their start at just over 1,092 apps. At 1,683 apps this represents growth of about 3% today, to 154% of start.

While Apple created the app store, and owns the trademark – it’s certainly unfair to compare it’s premier with the Chrome Web Store. With that said, the Apple App Store had 800 apps and over 10 million downloads. Yes, songs are included in the Apple App Store download figure.

Time will tell what the significance of these numbers are. Certainly, at over 3 million users, the Chrome Web Store has started some new ‘cloud’ experiences.

*Actually it’s been a little bit longer – but the first few days the published Chrome Web Store information is unreliable.

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Chrome Web Store – The First 10 Days
Posted Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

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