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Chrome Web Store – over 4 million App Users Enter the New Year

Prior to the holidays – app users at the Chrome Web Store were growing at a steady rate of 9% per day. Throughout the holiday season, the growth rate settled to 1.2%.

This growth percentage represents the growth of app usage from the Chrome Web Store. It will be interesting to see what this rate settles at without the distraction of the holidays.

Overall, the 4 million user mark was achieved on 1/4.

Users that have downloaded and used an application are counted as an app user. If a user utilizes more then one app, they are counted for each app used.

Through 1/4, here’s how things look –

As app users increase, weekly installs began decreasing in about two days. This is logical since weekly installs are weekly counts. Weekly installs are not an aggregation as is the case for users. Prior to the holidays the install rate was -8% average per day. Through the holiday season this percentage slowed to -3.5%.

Prior to the holidays, new apps where appearing on the Web Store at about a 3% per day rate. As expected – the holidays saw this rate slow to 1%. The Chrome Web Store started with a little over 1000 apps – 1,092. As of 1/4 the amount of apps available for download has doubled – 2,117.

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Chrome Web Store – over 4 million App Users Enter the New Year
Posted Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

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