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Chrome App Users Exceed 1 Million

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

It took only a week for the Chrome Web Store to garner over 1 million users. 
To be precise, 1 million users were reported about 8 PM EST (GMT-0500) on

The Good

In seven days over 1 million users installed some sort of app from the store,
and initiated usage.  There were 979,718 installs for the week.  How
does this compare?

The initiator, or at least the first to capitalize on the app store concept, was
Steve Jobs and Apple back in July of 2008.  Palm, Android, Windows
Marketplace and others followed.  The first weekend the iPhone App Store
topped 10 million downloads.  Recently Apple celebrated 1 billion downloads
in nine months.

Is it fair to compare an iPhone App to a Chrome App?  Different devices
surely makes a comparison cloudy at best.  With the iPhone App Store the
devices with access include the iPhone and the iPod.  With the Chrome OS
App Store, the audience are internet browser users and the newly seeded Chrome
OS community.

A better comparison would be with the Windows Marketplace.  Unfortunately
Windows Marketplace is not forthcoming with user information.

It is hard pressed to draw early conclusions on the Chrome Web Store reaching
the one million user mark.

The Bad and the Ugly 

Pressing on, its safe to say, the diversity of users across apps is narrow. 
The Google Suite of Apps claim 31% of all users.  The Google Suite consists
of Google Books, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Maps and the Google
Reader.  In conjunction with Tweet Deck – 10%, and the New York Times App –
8%, these big three App owners  constitute 49% of all users.

That leaves 51% of users spread out across 1,329 apps.  Of course if your
one of the big three, that’s not so bad and ugly.  However even Google
themselves understand that diversifying the app programmer base will be a key to
the long term success of the store.

We didn’t even mention that 6% of Google App wealth is with GMail.  The
Gmail app is simply a bookmark to access GMail. 

It’s early – draw early conclusions at your own peril.

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